"A walk in the park with me is no walk in the park"


I was born in Philadelphia and raised in Tampa Florida. I grew up in swimming pools wearing speedos and funny looking goggles and soon I became a (very) competitive swimmer to prove myself to myself and to the world. I went on to University of Pennsylvania, eventually quit swimming, let my hair grow, got my degree in French, and then took off to live on a Kibbutz in Israel for a year, a time when my mind exploded in various colorful ways. Then I returned to the US to begin a short-lived and ill fated stint in medical school, dropped out, got an MA in Counseling on the west coast and then and only then did I finally know that I wanted to act. I moved to NYC 15 years ago and began the intense and everlasting journey of art. 

Acting is my primary expression. The total harmony of mind and body.