Drew Valins, native of Tampa, FL, has worked on the NY stage for fifteen years in productions ranging from classical to contemporary to commedia and clown. As a ten year member of the troupe Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, Drew has spent many summers on the tarmac in the East Village and on the stage in Bryant Park. Recently in the role of Iago, one critic said “Drew’s Iago is handled as expertly as Kenneth Branaugh’s with Lawrence Fishburne or Bob Hoskin’s with Anthony Hopkins’.” Drew is also a six year member of the DC company The Alliance for New Music Theatre where he has portrayed Vaclav Havel’s alter ego, the dissident playwright Ferdinand Vanek in various productions.


Aside from Shakespeare and Havel, Drew has gravitated toward other European writers: His ongoing solo project, Franz Fragments, in which he theatrically probes the many works of Franz Kafka, has appeared on numerous stages and alternative spaces including his solo show: “A Report to an Academy” based on the short story by Kafka in which Drew plays a serious and passionate humanized ape. 


Drew has worked with Anne Bogart (Columbia Stages), Bonnie Monte (Shakespeare Theater of NJ), The Vital Children’s Theater, and Jef Johnson of Slava’s Snowshow.  Drew is the star of the web series pilot The Mackenzie Dylan Show and has also appeared on Bull (CBS). His principal training is with the Shakespeare Theater of NJ, Dell Arte School of Physical Theater, Anna Brennen and Stageworks Theater, Michael Howard, Larry Singer, Jef Johnson, and the streets of NYC. 


Finally Drew loves a shot of grapefruit juice in the morning.